Balloon Tower Defense 2 – Old But Gold

The balloon tower defense game is produced by one of the best online gaming companies known as the Ninjakiwi gaming. They have developed the best quality of the internet games till now and considered as the best in creating tower defense games. Other than tower defense games, they also developed many arcade games, puzzle games, action games, strategy games and multiplayer games also. Balloons tower defense 2 or Bloons tower defense 2 is a very interesting game and you can play this for hours without getting bored for even a minute.

Difference between the first versions

This game is available on the official website of Ninjawiki with lots of other games. In this game, there is a path that leads balloons to walk from one end to another. Our job is to stop them from reaching to its other end. For this we have many different tools such as dart monkey, tack shooter, ice ball, cannon, road spikes, monkey glue, boomerang and super monkey. In the first version of balloon tower defense, these useful tools were limited to dart monkey, ice tower, tack tower, bomb tower and super monkey. But in the newer version of this game, many restrictions have been eliminated.

How to Play?

To play balloons tower defense 2, all you need to do is put your mouse under your hands and whenever you see balloons coming, you any of these tools to make them stop or to pop them up. After you pop up all the balloons, you will be progressed to the next level and you will also earn money and lives. You are not required to use any of the keyboard buttons in order to play this interesting game. You just need to put the right tool in the right place to stop the balloons.

Choosing the right tool could also be difficult in many cases as many times balloons are not affected by certain tool at a particular place. For example, it is useless to use the dart monkey, when the numbers of balloons are very high. You also need to make the most use of every tool as it requires a certain amount of money to utilize any tool. Dart monkey is far less expensive as compared to super monkey but there are times when a dart monkey is enough to deal with fewer balloons so is using super monkey for such cases would be a waste of money.

Balloon tower defense reviews

Balloons tower defense 2 is a simple game that doesn’t require any intelligent mind to understand. Also the graphics of this game are pretty less so you don’t need to worry about whether it will run on your computer or not. Not only children but people of all ages enjoy playing this wonderful game at their spare amount of time. You can also share your score and experience to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It also does not require you to register on the website to play the game, however, if you would like to save a lot of games, you need to register first that is free and can also be done through Facebook or Twitter. Also try Super Smash Flash 2 latest version of the game at their official site.