FIGHTING GAMES – we all love them

The video game genre is probably one of the fastest growing industries in the history of all other games. Technology enhancement today barely allows time for anyone to socialize with each other, simply because entertainment has gone through digitization of a whole other new level. The video game genre has various tournaments particularly the fighting games genre that is quite popular, perhaps more popular than any other game all around the world. The game is generally about a contest between two fighters who will take on in a battle via blows or weapons within a closed off arena or a ring dome. The players on the other hand, who embark on these games are of different kinds of backgrounds, ethnicities and lifestyles.

top 10Rules of the game

This game of fighting contains a set of rules that must be followed by each player. Rules are usually primed depending on the common collection and environment within the field of the game. For instance, the fighting game would almost certainly have such regulations:

· A time counter or a stop watch that will countdown time used to fight each other,

· A bar that determines the stamina that a player has,

· The type of weapon a fighter is using or should use,

· A closed off arena with cheers and jeers where the combats will execute the battle.

· The number of lives a combat has, amongst many others.

Design of the fighting Games

Fighting games are atypical in so many ways; these games are designed in a way that they typically revolve around, for the most part, scuffling or battling sport through some distinct weaponry. These games characteristically feature exceptional moves that are generated using speedy sequence of cautiously timed button presses and joystick movements. The game is supposed to show fighters from a side-view, even as the variety has evolved from two-dimensional (2D) to three-dimensional graphics. Most of these games confine the character to move left right and to jump up of crunch down, although some allow the characters to move between parallel planes of movement. The more recent the game, the more features it has in 3D or even 4D graphics.

The players of the game must be able to learn and understand the tactics they must use in order to attack and defend themselves from the opposing team. Before any game starts, there is usually a demo that provides you a scheme on how the game is presumed to be played. Nevertheless, as the game continues, the player gets to discover new glitches in the game that need to be deciphered.

In addition, the players in the game aside from the punches and kicks, can also be able to utilize the grappling or throwing to outwit blocks. They players are also able to predict the rivals’ moves and counter- attack them. This art is known as countering. It is a common in the component of the game.

It is therefore very important for the players to emphasize on strategy because the opponents tend to predict each other.