Balloon Tower Defense 2 – Old But Gold

The balloon tower defense game is produced by one of the best online gaming companies known as the Ninjakiwi gaming. They have developed the best quality of the internet games till now and considered as the best in creating tower defense games. Other than tower defense games, they also developed many arcade games, puzzle games, action games, strategy games and multiplayer games also. Balloons tower defense 2 or Bloons tower defense 2 is a very interesting game and you can play this for hours without getting bored for even a minute.

Difference between the first versions

This game is available on the official website of Ninjawiki with lots of other games. In this game, there is a path that leads balloons to walk from one end to another. Our job is to stop them from reaching to its other end. For this we have many different tools such as dart monkey, tack shooter, ice ball, cannon, road spikes, monkey glue, boomerang and super monkey. In the first version of balloon tower defense, these useful tools were limited to dart monkey, ice tower, tack tower, bomb tower and super monkey. But in the newer version of this game, many restrictions have been eliminated.

How to Play?

To play balloons tower defense 2, all you need to do is put your mouse under your hands and whenever you see balloons coming, you any of these tools to make them stop or to pop them up. After you pop up all the balloons, you will be progressed to the next level and you will also earn money and lives. You are not required to use any of the keyboard buttons in order to play this interesting game. You just need to put the right tool in the right place to stop the balloons.

Choosing the right tool could also be difficult in many cases as many times balloons are not affected by certain tool at a particular place. For example, it is useless to use the dart monkey, when the numbers of balloons are very high. You also need to make the most use of every tool as it requires a certain amount of money to utilize any tool. Dart monkey is far less expensive as compared to super monkey but there are times when a dart monkey is enough to deal with fewer balloons so is using super monkey for such cases would be a waste of money.

Balloon tower defense reviews

Balloons tower defense 2 is a simple game that doesn’t require any intelligent mind to understand. Also the graphics of this game are pretty less so you don’t need to worry about whether it will run on your computer or not. Not only children but people of all ages enjoy playing this wonderful game at their spare amount of time. You can also share your score and experience to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It also does not require you to register on the website to play the game, however, if you would like to save a lot of games, you need to register first that is free and can also be done through Facebook or Twitter. Also try Super Smash Flash 2 latest version of the game at their official site.

Return Man Game in 2018

Hi there dear football enthusiasts, today we have some unique game for you which will certainly offer you fantastic experience and home entertainment too, name of the game is Return Man and its second version, this is 2nd variation of the video game with some enhancement and modifications, we will certainly describe each small detail thoroughly below so see to it that you check out entire short article.

This video game was understood in 2012 by ESPN and because that this video game has lots of fans all around the world, it is exceptionally popular amongst grown-ups and kids also, individuals simply like this video game and they have excellent need to doing this.

Controls of the video game can be seen right here below on the screenshot, it describes how you can relocate the video game in addition to how you can trigger your unique steps.

About those modifications, well there are couple of brand-new unique steps in the video game which you require to unlock (3 in complete, name of those unique steps can be seen right here: spin, speedburst and front flip), these unique steps are extremely crucial particularly when you are playing in greater levels of the video game and you have to deal with lot of challengers.

Graphics appear to be altered a bit, however I’m not actually sure about that to be sincere. Noise in the video game is very cool; I indicate it leaves experience as if you are on the football field yourself.

From the really starting do not forget to touch yellow circle on the field (simply puts get the sphere) prior to you will certainly hurry to the opposite side of football field, I made this error number of times when I was noob and I could not comprehend why I was losing video game over and over once again, it was quite funny.

There are various approaches in the video game that you can follow-up, however everything is similar to in genuine football, no matter what, you have to dodge opponent’s attack and stay behind your colleagues, they will certainly assist you to score goal.

Video game is fairly basic with remarkable gameplay, those who love flash games must try sniper game at

Whoa! New versions of Command & Conquer this year!!!

When it comes to strategy games I must admit that I am huge fun of Generals, there are many different versions of this game and there are other additional releases as well, for example Zero Hour, Reborn Of The Last Stand, etc. I have played all versions, I have completed campaigns as well as skirmish modes, I must say that playing vs hard bot enemies is pretty interesting, they attack you very often, they use air strike and many other tools, it takes good thinking in order to win fight vs bots on hard level difficulty.

So who is author of this amazing game? Well this game was created by following company – Electronic Arts. I think first game was released in 1995, back then I was too little to play such games, but after couple of years I enjoyed it very much. Main thing what I liked in the game was that it had tons of different units, each unit could be upgraded from special buildings and they could use new attack abilities, airplanes could carry more heavy bombs or they could use defensive abilities vs anti-air missiles, after developing your infrastructure you were able to build secret weapons which were able to strike enemies on the whole map and it had huge damage, but it had long cooldown as well.

While destroying enemies units you were able to increase your experience, this experience later on could be used to use different tools such as, air strike in the selected area, calling reinforcements, shooting rockets or laser beams, etc. Each general had its own unique tools, this means that in each case you had to create new strategy, depending on what kind of units you have and what kind of units your enemy has you had to create such strategy that would grant you a victory, this really isn’t simple task, you must think about different aspects of the game, different situations, when to attack, when to stay in defense and things like that.

This game is outstanding for that that it has so many different possibilities and options; this all allows you to create different scenarios and different battles. Variety of all these aspects creates unique and very interesting game.

So how many versions of this game are out there? And what are their names? I will list them right here:

Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Command & Conquer: Red Alert: Counterstrike
Command & Conquer: Red Alert: The Aftermath
Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor
Command & Conquer: Retaliation
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Command & Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge
Command & Conquer: Renegade
Command & Conquer: Renegade 2
Command & Conquer: Continuum
Command & Conquer: Generals
Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising
Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight
As you can see there are tons of different versions and they all are very very ery interesting! If you love strategy games I definitely recommend you these games, amount of units is good, upgrade system is great, amount of building is decent, storyline is interesting and many other little details which in total make this game one of the best in its kind.

It also allows you to play with other games online, I prefer to create virtual web with a help of following program – hamachi and play with friends, it is really interesting to play this games in 2 vs 2 mode, to cooperate together, think about different strategies with your friend and enjoy game.

P.S. There is new versions which will be released soon, developers promise us to present MORE STRATEGY, MORE INTENSITY, MORE UNITS. It looks like they are about to show us something huge, we can see decent improvement of graphics as well, I can’t wait to see it.

Outstanding game in its category – happy wheels!

Outstanding games in its category - happy wheels!Happy Wheels demo becomes most popular from August 2011 virtually a year after its initial release. There isn’t any other game that got so much appeal in physics video games classification than this truly is; it is currently browsed over four million times a month on the internet alone at, happywheelsfullversion and happywheels demo so it’s simple to see how Happy Wheels might be the king of the Physics flash video games. This video game has two versions, In Demo variation of the game you can choose a couple of characters that you might play with while in the full version of the game there are absolutely no constraints to exactly what characters you wish to have fun with and also there are more tracks in the full game than the Demo.

Happy Wheels Gameplay

The guidelines to play Happy Wheels video game are very easy: Select a character of your option, and then pick a track on which you wish to go on however that ought to fit to your chosen character due to the fact that each one of the characters have their own driving modes due to their various automobiles which will result in a various result on the numerous tracks of the game.

There is a verity of characters in Happy Wheels

The person on a Segway, a person in a wheel chair and a reckless mommy with her youngsters precariously stabilized on her bike. You can get more players in the full version such as a couple, an explorer and even a Santa.

The Happy Wheels video game is based on the physics engine, which is used to dictate how players move and how they interact with the things in the tracks. When a character’s body part fall off the blood spurts out when he falls off their mode of transport, in this game it’s likewise consisted of that.

Keep in mind:

You can simply take pleasure in demonstration game variation only at official blog.

Some interesting ideas related with phone games

Understanding that the electronic market brings an increasing number of costly and intricate video gaming consoles each day which they are not constantly simple to acquire I wish to advise you of the excellent old smart phone games and the ease of playing one on one of the most popular portable gadgets our company know.

The smart phones constantly attempted to provide an amusing part to the gadgets aside from the energy functions. The producers began presenting games in the smart phones menus nearly 10 years earlier, since they understood that the phone ought to provide a more amusing and huge experience than an easy communication gadget. I am definitely sure that you played Snake a minimum of 10 times in your life or at least scary maze game 3 which actually is prank game.

Throughout the years the smart phone games likewise ended up being more intricate and more enjoyable to play in a parallel development with the smartphone innovation however the benefit of these games was and will certainly constantly be the rate; consisted of in the smart phone or smartphone’s rate.

Provided the reality that today’s new age of smart phones, the smartphones, have the exact same efficiency of the other days desktop COMPUTER’s, the video gaming experience provided by a smartphone has actually ended up being more exciting and more amusing than before, pressing the gadgets efficiency to the limitation.

If we consider the smartphones and their brand-new os we recognize that the games data source will certainly constantly be flooded by interesting and brand-new ones since brand-new applications and games are being developed every 2nd and shared in online application markets for everybody to download and take pleasure in.

Rather of tossing remarkable quantities of cash on brand-new games for your portable video gaming console you can get games for complimentary or a couple of cents and constantly enjoy exactly what’s amusing and brand-new on the device that you utilize day-to-day anyhow.

The range of games is virtually unrestricted and it can depend on a big set of aspects starting with the classification of the game all the method to the input technique of the gadget. You will certainly discover games that can just be played with a directional keyboard, a numerical keyboard, a touchscreen innovation gadget that can likewise be integrated with the accelerometer innovation(if the gadget has one) for the most amusing and amazing video gaming experience possible.

Understanding this I wish I have actually handled to assist you comprehend that you ought to see exactly what you can do with your currently acquired product rather of tossing cash on some pricey portable video gaming console that charge you sometimes 70-80 dollars for a brand-new game, you may as well enjoy free games which are tons out there on flash platforms and they are pretty amazing tbh, take a look at SSF5 for example. Knowing to utilize the products you have at their complete capacity is necessary.